Word of the Day: Authentic

There are so many wine words that are being thrown around these days, from the often-used ‘terroir’ to some ‘new but old’ phrases like ‘natural’.

Here’s one that I can wrap my arms around, and I’m hoping you can too. When I purchase a wine, I like to know where the grapes came from, how the wine was made, etc. I do NOT like to know how the wine is supposed to smell or taste – that’s for ME to determine.

To me, ‘authentic’ wines have a sense of place and time. They speak of vineyard, of vintage, and of winemaker ‘influence’ to some extent. They are not ‘heavily oaked’, because, to me again, this ‘covers up’ that sense of variety, vineyard and vintage. They tend to be more ‘transparent’ (another word I will touch upon later), and they are ever-evolving.

I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on this – and again, please note that this is MY opinion only, and I’m not trying to imply anything further . . .