Does Size Really Matter? In Wine Glasses…yes.

WSJ - Does the wine glass size really matter

Photo by F. Martin Ramin/The Wall Street Journal

How particular are you with the glasses that you use to taste or drink wine? Does the size and shape of the glass really matter that much?!?!?

For those of you who have ever attended a seminar put on by Riedel, you’ll know that the answer is yes, size and shape do truly matter. I was amazed at the differences that I noticed tasting the same wine out of multiple glasses, including a plastic red cup. Why the red cup? It was meant to show what happens when you drink a wine at a picnic or somewhere else where wine glasses are not available.

The size and shape will help determine where a wine ‘hits’ your mouth – some will force the wine to the middle and back of your mouth, and some will land the wine at the front of your tongue. In each case, you have different taste buds present, and therefore a different ‘taste sensation’ will occur.

Same for aromatics – different shapes will lead to different aromatics being more or less ‘prominent.’

George Riedel explained it in a similar manner that a sommelier did in this article – that a wine glass is to wine as a speaker is to music. Great analogy, IMHO, as the glass can deaden or highlight highs and lows in a wine, can ‘pump up the bass’, or can ‘smooth out’ the treble a bit if need be.

At the end of the day, did this make me want to go out and purchase 4 or 5 different glasses for each of the different types of wines I like or produce?

No, it didn’t. Why? Because I’m a fairly practical person with limited budgets for such things – and because I’m okay with a great ‘all around’ glass that does a wonderful job for me.

What about you? How many different types of wine glasses do you have, and, more importantly, do you employ them all regularly or usually have a ‘go to’ glass?

Thanks for playing (-: