The Power of Your Nose . . . and Ears . . .

springsteen and clemons

As most of you know, I make wine for a living – and dig it every day. One of my favorite aspects of what I do is how others get enjoyment out of what I do. To me, that makes it all worth it.

One of the other aspects of why I dig wine is how it can affect people – most of the time good, but sometimes not so. And what I’m talking about here is specifically aromas. Our sense of smell is so strong and so personal that no two people smell and react to the same thing in the same way.

I’ve had customers smell specific wines and I can see a glaze come over them – they’ve been ‘transported’ somewhere else. Perhaps it was when they were a kid walking on the beach or in a forest; perhaps it was during a special meal that they had a food that somehow my wine reminded them of. Or perhaps there’s a specific aroma that brings back a ‘negative’ event in their lives – they won’t like the wine no matter how much they may want to . . .

Why am I talking about this? Well, driving back from Santa Barbara this morning, I put in an old Bruce Springsteen CD and a flood of memories came back while listening to Born to Run. I clearly remembered my good buddy John DiGiovani and I listening to this and many other songs in High School – and him explaining what ‘the girls tried to look so hard’ meant. I remember my oldest brother Ira going to see Bruce at the ‘Fabulous Forum’ back in the day, and me staying awake the next night taping Bruce’s Roxy Theater concert on the radio on my dad’s reel-to-reel recorder. And I remember how ‘spiritual’ Clarence Clemons’ saxaphone playing was – and how sad I was when he passed away a few years back . . .

I also clearly remember the 16 mile mark of the New York Marathon that I ran a number of years back. As you crossed a bridge and entered Manhattan, you ran into a tunnel – and blasting over loud speakers was Born to Run.

I love that I can be transported so easily by music, or aromas, or a movie. It’s ‘time travel’ in the most fun of ways . . .

Just thought I’d share.



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