To The Heroes That Walk Among Us Every Day . . .

frank murray

I am incredibly honored to be surrounded by a lot of heroes in my world. Now, these folks are not movie stars or rock stars or even fashion models. They are not ‘famous’ in the macro sense of the word – they are not recognized by millions (at least, as far as I know).

They are heroes none the less for what they do on a daily basis. They are teachers, like my father was over three decades; they are doctors, like my best friend from high school and his wife are back in Philadelphia. They are stay-at-home moms, like my mom was, trying to corral me and my four brothers. They are policemen and policewoman, like my ex-father in law was for decades and decades. They are soldiers, as my father was back in World War II.

This past weekend, I was in the presence of a true hero, though he would never consider himself to be one.  His actions brought together about 150 people from as far and wide as Toronto, Philadelphia and New York to his home in Southern California in order to raise funds for something he feels incredibly passionate about – a safe haven for women and their children affected by domestic violence.

His connection to this house is intimate – his wife, a psychiatrist, had her first intern there and continues to assist with the organization. He certainly did not feel ‘obliged’ to do anything to support this cause – he just felt it was the right thing to do.

He didn’t set out to become a ‘hero’ and that just makes him that much more enduring to me and those that know him.

Why is this important enough to be a blog post about wine? Wine was the catalyst that brought all 150 of us together this past weekend; wine was what helped raise over $20,000 that afternoon and has raised about $100,000 thus far from efforts led by this person over the past number of years.

Wine is powerful and can not only be something to make and drink, but it can also be ‘used’ to make a difference in many folks’ lives. I love that something I love to make can help others in ways that I never knew I could – and I hope to support causes such as this for many years to come.

So raise a glass to Mr. Frank Murray III this evening or sometime this week, if you don’t mind, and see how you might be able to ‘make a difference’ in a similar way.


One comment on “To The Heroes That Walk Among Us Every Day . . .

  1. Dinelle Schultze says:

    What an incredible post! It truly warms my heart to see that people genuinely care to take a stand for causes, organizations, & the welfare of humanity. Not for glory, not out of pity or obligation; but simply because they have the motivation, time to spare and resources (whether large or small) to make a change. Perhaps I’m an idealist, but this sheds so much hope on humanity in my eyes. Thank you Frank Murray III for giving a care.

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