Is Image Anything . . or Everything?

image is everything

The wine industry is a fun place to ‘call home’. There are tons of great characters out there; wine continues to be an absolutely fascinating ‘vehicle’ to work with and is truly ever changing; and one will never tire with the challenge of introducing one’s wines to new folks all of the time.

As we all know, or probably should know, it’s sad but true that what lies ‘inside’ the bottle often has little to do with whether a wine is purchased in the first place – and often whether it is repurchased for that matter. The packaging of the product is extremely important, as is the reputation of the winery, the winemaker, etc.

But here’s a question for you – do you care what the principals of a company ‘stand for’ or how they act when it comes to the purchasing of that product? Does it matter if they’ve supported causes that you might not support (such as Chick Fil A and their anti-gay stance or Carl Karcher of Carl’s Jr. fame and his anti-gay and anti-semetic stances). Does this truly affect your purchasing decsions?

A recent blog post came out about a famous French producer not allowing long time reviewers to review their wines because of ‘less than stellar’ reviews of a previous vintage, among other things. On the surface, this seems like a very short-sided thing to do for the producer. Of course, there may be other sides to the story, but for now, it appears that the winery in question is ‘running scared’ and, for them, in a very public manner.

So again, the question remains – would this affect your purchasing of these wines? Would it matter if a winemaker or winery owner publicly or even privately stated that they were ‘against’ something you stand for?

Curious to hear your thoughts on this . . .

2 comments on “Is Image Anything . . or Everything?

  1. Tony Mastres says:

    Ahh Larry, what a can of worms 🙂 Well, OK I’ll play. I used to love Chik-Fil-A, I’d go there every time I’d visit my mom in San Diego but once I learned about their ultra right wing anti-gay views I couldn’t possible set foot in one again (and have not, even though they are now in SB). FWIW Carl Karcher was removed from his position at CKE by his own board of directors way back in 1993 and died in 2008 so unless someone really wants to hold a grudge that’s kind of a dead issue as they are now owned by a faceless investment firm. I personally tend to frown on businesses or artists who openly espouse their political views. it seems foolish as a business to instantly alienate up to 50% of your potential customers by espousing a particular view on anything political or religious. Those that cant help themselves, reap what they sow (ironically) 🙂 Those who have amassed nine-figure fortunes and have secured their place in history, like Roger Waters (who has not been a member of Pink Floyd since the mid 80’s), will espouse and even pontificate their particular views to the chagrin and even disappointment of some fans. Whaddyagonnado?? I’ll still listen to Roger but there are some that wont I’m sure. Fair enough. Best bet IMHO (unless you’re in the nine-figure net worth club) is to keep your political and religious mouth clamped if you still rely on sales volume to pay the bills 🙂

  2. David B. says:

    I have had so many oxidized bottles of Huet, that not much could turn me off more. Now Chik-Fil-A is off my buying radar, as the state of Arizona will bbe if they enact their bigoted law. Ethics are important. Without them we break down into an every man for himself free for all.

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