Shooting Through the Sky – Another Record Grape Crop in CA in 2013 With Some Interesting Tidbits . . .


For those who may not have seen it, the annual Crush Report for CA Wine Grapes was released yesterday. It was a record crop in 2013 in CA, up about 5% from the previous year, which was a record as well! That’s a lot of wine grapes!

There are all kinds of interesting ‘tidbits’ in the report if you search, including a not-surprising surge in Moscato grapes of all different kinds, an increase in ‘other’ varieties such as Gruner Vetliner, and more.

I’ll make further insights later, but thought you might find the general information interesting.

So what are your thoughts on what the upcoming vintage may hold? Will 2014 be a ‘bumper crop’ again, or will the drought and the previous 2 record crops bring down volume this year?

And how will those record vintages affect wine prices in general moving forward?

So many questions – and I need answers folks!


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