Word of the Day: Relevance in Wine


How does a wine or winery stay ‘relevant’ in the wine world today?


In order to answer this question, I think it’s important to narrow this down a bit and talk ‘specific relevance’. In the case of a small label like mine, there is ‘relevance’ in my local community with regards to my tasting room and getting visitors in; there is ‘relevance’ from a regional standpoint, being ‘noticed’ and included when the area is discussed and when reviewers or bloggers come to the area to taste; there is relevance at the retail level in the area – are on and off premise accounts familiar with the brand and have they tried it recently? And then there could be relevance at the national level – is the brand being discussed in national publications, is it distributed in other areas, etc.

We live in an increasingly more competitive wine world, where ‘new’ and ‘highly rated’ appear to be what drive ‘relevance’ often times. And once you’re ‘in’, you continue to be ‘in the loop’ – and those ‘out of the loop’ will find it more and more challenging.

Do you think this is true? What else do you think ‘defines’ relevance as it pertains to the wine world?

Curious to hear your thoughts . . . please comment below. Cheers!


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